Include God in your daily routine.

Introducing Devo Journal™, a powerful yet simple devotional and journal combined to help you spend time with God every day.

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Devo Journal is a 13-week undated notebook with relatable stories, daily journal prompts and scriptures, and weekly challenges to help you grow spiritually. It was designed to fit conveniently into your daily routine.


Benefits of Devo Journal

Our simple, yet powerful exercises serve as a guide to help you grow closer to God, be more grateful, and accomplish your daily goals. Devo Journal will lead you down the path to becoming who God created you to be.

Reduce Stress

and Anxiety

You were born to do great things. Journaling can help you process your emotions and become more self-aware. The better you can process and express your emotions, the more powerfully you can show up for yourself and others.

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Take a Look Inside

We imagine a world where people have a unique roadmap to living a more intentional and fulfilling life with God at the center.

This happens when you are:

✅ Spending time with God 

✅ Empowered to be your best self

✅ Counting your blessings 


The Founder.

​One day in her room, Margaret "Maggie" Chambers thought to herself, “Why do Christians use separate devotional books and journals?” She realized that life often gets in the way of spending time with God. “We tell ourselves we’ll do our devos later instead of carrying around our Bible, devotional book, and journal,” she thought. "But later becomes never." So Maggie decided to combine a devotional book and a journal to make it easier for Christians to make time for God.

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Feel More at Peace

"Devo Journal has challenged me to think deeper about the things I've been journaling about. It's helped me to organize my thoughts and feel more at peace.” 

—  Sharon H., Baltimore MD

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Changed My Life

“This journal has really changed my life. I really enjoy the personal stories. I have been spending more time with God because of them.” 

—  Jezel J., Washington DC

A Spirit of Gratitude

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“I love Devo Journal! Writing down three things I am grateful for is slowly birthing a spirit of gratitude within me.” 

—  Francelie S., New York NY

What Our Beta Testers Are Saying

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