The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect

“Each smallest act of kindness, reverberates across great distances and spans of time--affecting lives unknown to the one who’s generous spirit, was the source of this good echo."

― Dean Koontz


I'll never forget the time my mom made my dad get out the car in the middle of the highway.

One day, while my mom was driving on the highway, my brother, sister, and I were arguing in the back seat of the car. I'm not too sure exactly what we were arguing about, but I remember we had some sort of workbook that we were fussing over. My dad got frustrated with all the arguing, so he reached back from the front seat, grabbed the workbook, and threw it out the window.

My mom was outraged! She couldn't believe that my dad would react in that way. She pulled the car over (yes, on the highway), and told my dad to go back and get the workbook. Oh, and you better believe that he did—my mom didn't play!

Sometimes, we don't see the immediate result of our actions. We say, "This is a little thing, it doesn't matter." Well, according to the Butterfly Effect, which states that small things can have large effects, little things do matter.

My mom foresaw the effect of the "little thing" that my dad did influencing our decisions and future character. Our decisions and future character would influence who we would become as adults, and who we would become as adults would influence our future kids, and so on.

When I finished my "Follow The Son" campaign last June, I was disappointed that even with the amazing support of those who donated to the campaign, I was not able to reach my initial fundraising goal. A friend of mine reminded me that by starting the campaign, I made people aware of issues that they might not have known about otherwise. The knowledge of those issues impacted people's decisions to donate, which ultimately impacted kids who couldn't afford school supplies.

Every decision that you make affects the larger scheme of things—both directly and indirectly.

Challenge: Before you act, always think about how your decisions can affect everything and everyone around you.