What Seems Too Good To Be True, Might Not Be.

This was the best deal ever!

I was in Jamaica for a mission’s trip the week before last week. The team I was with and I hosted a vacation bible school (VBS) for the kids in a small community in Kingston. It was amazing, to say the least.

When our VBS is over, we usually do some sort of excursion. Work hard...explore hard!

We've done some memorable things in the past—like road-tripping through almost the entire island and getting massages by Rastas in the St. Thomas mineral bath. This year, we decided to just visit the Bob Marley museum and go to the craft market.

I found out that a group of people on the team were going to Ocho Rios the day I was scheduled to leave (Tuesday). They told me if I wanted to go, they would move their trip to Monday instead of Tuesday. So, we canceled our trip to the Bob Marley museum.

After looking for transportation, the group that I planned to head to Ocho with told me that they found a taxi driver who would take us there for only $25 round trip.

Now, Ocho Rios is almost two hours away from Kingston. The driver would have to stay with us all day so that he could drive us back when we were ready to leave. The guy they found was willing to do this for $25, and not $25 per person, but $25 for the entire trip. Even if the taxi driver wanted to charge us $25 per person, it was a good deal because the bus costs $36 per person round trip.

We felt extremely blessed.

The trip to Ocho Rios was perfect. We got some beach time in, took a boat ride, went shopping in the craft market there, and had some awesome island food.

A few times during the day, I questioned how it was possible that this man (the driver) was willing to stay with us all day for only $25. I mean, we did pay for his lunch and dinner, but something wasn't quite adding up to me.

I was told to just be thankful for what was happening. So, I only brought it up one more time, and then I left it alone for good.

We got back to Kingston around 8 pm that night. Since there was four of us who took the trip, we each owed $6.25 for the transportation but decided to put in $10 each. We gave the driver a total of $40—fifteen dollars more than he asked for.

And... he looked at us like we were crazy.

"What's this?" The driver asked. "You owe me $25,000." He meant $25,000 in Jamaican currency, which is about $196 USD.

We all looked at each other with a blank stare.

One of the ladies I was with responded, "$25,000? You said $25USD round trip!"

"No, $25 USD there and $25 back.”

"Okay, that's fine, so we only owe you $10 more," I chimed in to settle the confusion.

"No, $25,000 JMD total."

The debate with the driver went back and forth for about 10 minutes, and we realized that the driver did the bait-and-switch on us—Jamaican style. He wanted $208 USD, and we had to pay it. We got hustled.

True or False: What seems too good to be true, probably is.


You've heard that saying before, right? In many situations, like the one that just happened to me, I would most definitely agree that the saying is true. However, because Jesus completely discredits that saying, it's false.

Even though many believe Jesus is too good to be true, He isn't. There's always a price to be paid. Jesus, being the epitome of awesomeness because he is awesomeness, paid the ultimate price (his life) to purchase freedom for us. Just as a mother would do anything to save her dying child, Jesus didn't want us to die so he sacrificed his life to afford us life through Him.

"Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all

who come to him for protection." - Proverbs 30:5

We may get hustled and deceived by people in life, but God will never deceive us. His words and promises are true, and if we stand boldly in them, He will see us through all our trials. Many may call team Jesus an unpopular team, but it's the only team that isn't an illusion of something true. God is truth. Trust Him, he won't let you down.

Challenge: Trust Him. 

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You are somebody special.


- Mags

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