Let it Go.

Updated: Apr 20

let it go


"Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing."

- Psalm 34:10 (NLT)


I used to have a hard time letting things go. But now, I'm learning every day to let God take care of the things out of our control.

I've taken a missions trip to Jamaica for the last six summers before the pandemic. The team and I usually go on a road trip from Kingston to Negril for some rest and recuperation before our program begins.

One summer in Negril, I had a craving for some homemade bread pudding—the warm kind with raisins and vanilla rum sauce on top. So I found a small cafe next to where we were staying that served it.

I paid the lady behind the counter, found a seat, and started eating my bread pudding. A few moments later, the lady came over to me and said she gave me the wrong price. I owed her another 125 JMD, which is about 1 USD.

I considered that she might be lying, so I asked to see the menu. She was a sweet young lady, but I've been hustled in Jamaica before.

The lady showed me the menu, and she was telling the truth. When I handed her the extra money, she smiled and told me she didn't have any change.

I didn't have any smaller bills on me, so she kindly told me to bring the

money to her in the morning.

I'm not sure she believed I would come back, because when I showed up the following morning, she was surprised to see me. She smiled from ear to ear when I told her I had just come to give her the money I owed.

I knew she didn't have any change, so I gave her 150 JMD and told her to keep the rest. But she looked at me like I had four heads—not the response I was expecting.

"Why did she just look at me like that?" I thought as I walked away.

When we got back to Kingston, I went to grab some money out of my wallet, and I realized I was missing 50 USD. This can't be right.

And then it hit me...

The lady in Negril looked at me like I was crazy because I gave her 100 JMD and 50 USD. And I told her to keep the change.

Oh my goodness!

I started freaking out because that $50 was part of what I needed for my stay in Jamaica. How could I be so negligent?

As my mind was spinning with negative thoughts, I felt God nudging my heart and telling me that the lady needed the money. What about my needs?

I just couldn't let go of the fact that I gave away $50. I NEEDED that money!

I ran to the team to tell them what happened. One of the ladies on my team responded to my frustration in a soft, calm voice.

"Maggie, I know you're upset," she said. "But God allowed it to happen because she probably needed that money."

Her words confirmed what God was already speaking to my heart. So I decided to let it go. Instead of focusing on what I was lacking, I thought about the purpose of why I was in Jamaica.

"Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing."

- Psalm 34:10

When I got back to New York, I reflected on the missions trip. I realized that I didn't lack anything during the entire trip.

I didn't miss the $50 at all. What I needed was to trust God to take care of the things out of my control.

And He did.

I find I'm faced with a similar situation today where God is teaching me to let go and let Him work it out. The unknown can be scary and frustrating at times, but God has been teaching me that it's also a beautiful place to be.

When we can't see what lies ahead, we have an opportunity to trust God to walk us through the fog and direct our paths.

Unexpected things will happen in your life, but don't let those things cause you to lose focus on the One who matters most and what He's doing in your midst. God often uses these situations to bring us closer to Him.

Let go, and give the things out of your control to God.

He made a promise that those who trust in Him will lack no good thing. And He will make good on His promise to you.

Keep on believing, trusting in Him, and dwelling in His presence.

God will work it all out.

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