Experience Peace.


"Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." - 1 Peter 5:7 (NLT)


You have likely experienced a time in your life where you had a strong desire for something and didn't get it. What do you do when things don't go your way?

I remember listening to one of Oprah's interviews a few years ago. She talked about how she never wanted something as bad as wanting to be an actress in the movie, The Color Purple. But someone else was chosen for the role that she wanted.

Oprah said she prayed for God to allow her to be okay with not getting the role and happy for the actress who got the role. Then, she let go and surrendered to God and His will for her life.

As it turns out, she later was cast for another role in that movie which was more than a perfect fit for her.

I can relate to Oprah’s story. When I was in college, I never wanted something as bad as wanting to study abroad in London. I did everything in my power to get there, but there was only so much I could do.

So I surrendered to God, and an overwhelming sense of peace came over me. That's when I knew I would be okay even if I didn't get to go to London. And you know what, at the very last minute (but right on time), God made a way for me to go.

"And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul"

- Mark 8:36

There's something beautiful about surrendering to God. He offers peace, joy, and forgiveness, and all He asks for in return is our whole heart.

It amazes me every time that God, who intricately created the entire universe, wants to do life with us. We were chosen with love.

I know firsthand that it can be a challenge letting go of the things closest to your heart and surrendering your will to God. But He knows what’s best for us and promised that He wouldn't withhold any good thing from us as long as we do what's right according to His will. (Psalm 84:11)

There's an undeniable peace that fills you when you get to the point of complete surrender to God. All the weight of your problems and worries can be lifted when you just let go and trust Him.

"Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." - 1 Peter 5:7

Trust that God cares about you. Trust that He has a special plan reserved for you and only you. Even if you wander off course, He will steer you back to the right path.

So what do you do when things don't go your way? You surrender all and let God show you His way.

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Do great things with God.

- Mags