God Will Work it Out.


"Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust

in the Lord will lack no good thing." - Psalm 34:10 (NLT)


“Will you be back next year?” Sonjay asked.

“God-willing, yes, we will!”

This is the conversation that takes place every summer at the end of our Vacation Bible School program in Jamaica. And every summer, I pray that the missions team and I can come back.

I was feeling a little down last weekend. For the last six summers, around this time, I’ve gone on a missionary trip to Kingston, Jamaica to serve a small, impoverished community.

The kids in that community have become my family. I’ve developed deep relationships with them over the years, and I look forward to being with them every summer.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all missions trips were canceled. What will happen to the kids and who will help them if we don’t go?

I remember a situation that happened a couple of summers ago. A few members of the missions team and I like to go to Jamaica early to take a road trip around the island.

While we were in Negril, I had a craving for some homemade bread pudding. You know, the kind with raisins and vanilla rum sauce on top.

Luckily, there was a beach cafe right by where we were staying for the night. I paid the lady behind the counter, found a seat, and started eating my mouth-watering dessert.

A few moments later, the lady came over to me and said that she charged me the wrong price. I owed her another 125 JMD (Jamaican currency), which is about $.80 in USD.

I know it wasn’t a lot of money that she said I owed, but I asked to see the menu to make sure I wasn’t being hustled. As it turns out, she was telling the truth.

When I handed her the money I owed, she smiled at me and told me she didn't have any change

😑😑 Really?

I didn't have any smaller bills on me, so since I was staying nearby, she kindly told me to bring the money to her in the morning.

I don't think she believed that I would, because when I showed up the next morning, she was surprised to see me. She greeted me and smiled from ear to ear when I told her I just came to give her the money I owed.

I handed her 150 JMD, and she looked at me like I had four heads.

Does she expect a tip or something? No, it can't be that because it’s a take-out cafe. I knew she didn't have any change, so I told her to keep the rest, and I walked away.

When we got back to Kingston from our road trip, I went to grab some money out of my wallet, and I realized I was missing $50.

This can't be right. Did I drop it? I looked everywhere, and then it hit me—the lady in Negril looked at me like I was crazy because I gave her 100 JMD and 50 USD.

To make things worse, she didn't say anything about the extra money because I told her to keep the change.

Oh my goodness! I started freaking out because I needed every dollar that I set aside for my stay in Jamaica.

But just as I started worrying, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that she needed the money more than me. I ignored that thought. I just couldn't let go of the fact that I gave away $50 that I needed.

"Lord, you know I needed that money, how could you let me do something so dumb?" I thought to myself.

I ran to the team to tell everyone what I did, and one of the ladies on my team responded in a soft, calm voice. She said, "Maggie, I know you're upset, but God allowed it to happen because she probably needed that money more than you."

Her words confirmed what God was already saying to me. I knew I needed to just let it go.

"Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust

in the Lord will lack no good thing." - Psalm 34:10

I later realized that I didn't lack anything during the entire trip. I didn't miss the $50, and at the end of the trip, I was able to donate three times that amount to help feed the community we were serving in because I was under my budget.

If God provided for me, I know He can provide for the kids too. Even though we aren’t able to be with them this summer, I’m confident that they won’t lack any good things.

When things happen outside of your control, let them go and give them to God. He made a promise to you that if you trust in Him, you will lack no good thing.

Keep on believing, keep on trusting in Him, and keep on praying. God will work it all out.

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Do great things with God.

- Mags

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