Keep Praying.


“Never stop praying.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17


I used to think that God only answered big, dramatic prayers, but now I know that He cares about small things too.

I was on my way to the train station to head back to New York City on Saturday. My mom and I left early to get there on time, but after a quick pit stop, on time turned into late.

My mom assured me that she would still get me to the station on time, but it was 2:45 pm, and Google Maps said it would take 22 minutes for us to get there. My train was coming at 3:05 pm.

I started to get nervous.

“Even if you manage to shave off two minutes and get me to the station exactly on time, I still have to get my bags out of the trunk and take an elevator down to the platform,” I said to my mom. “I probably won’t make it.”

My mom sensed my nervousness and started to pray. If I’m honest, while she was praying, I was thinking, “Sometimes God’s answer to our prayers is for us to take responsibility for our actions.” I just wasn’t convinced I would make it to the train on time.

We pulled up to the train station at 3:02, and I jumped out of the car. Literally. I didn’t have any time to waste. I ran to the trunk of the car, and as I got my bags, a police officer came outside and said the train was delayed.

What? I was confused because there were a lot of trains that came in and out of the station. “The train to New York?” I asked.

“Yes, I saw you guys speeding around the corner and thought to myself that they are probably on the train to New York,” he said. “You don’t have to worry, it’s delayed.”

Praise God!!!

I learned an unexpected lesson that day: God does answer our prayers when we make mistakes. I’m not suggesting that God will “bless our mess,” I’m simply saying that God is merciful and gives us favor even when we mess up.

“Never stop praying.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

I know it may seem at times that God is on radio silence, but keep praying. God does and will answer your prayers—the big ones and the small ones.

Keep praying repeatedly and often, and watch how God will show up for you. Stay encouraged!

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Do great things with God.

- Mags