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Woman using The Hangout Journal

Tools to help you do great things with God.

We create powerful (and fun!) tools and simple daily routines to promote spiritual growth, help you achieve more, and live life to the fullest.



Meet The Hangout Journal™

A 13-week all-in-one devotional journal that helps you grow spiritually, be more grateful, and live fuller. It includes relatable devotionals to help you focus on God's faithfulness, daily journal prompts, and weekly activities.

The Hangout Journal
Friends with The Hangout Journal

Spending time with God should be as simple as hanging out with a friend.

Our powerful system was created to fit effortlessly into your daily routine so that you can grow closer to God without the "it's complicated" status.

Our BE Method.


Take action on the things that are important to you.


Staying consistent is the foundation for growth.


Be open to making positive changes in your life.

Girl reading The Hangout Journal
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Feel More at Peace

"Devo Journal has challenged me to think deeper about the things I've been journaling about. It's helped me to organize my thoughts and feel more at peace.” 

—  Sharon H., Baltimore MD

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Changed My Life

“This journal has really changed my life. I really enjoy the personal stories. I have been spending more time with God because of them.” 

—  Jezel J., Washington DC

A Spirit of Gratitude

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“I love Devo Journal! Writing down three things I am grateful for is slowly birthing a spirit of gratitude within me.” 

—  Francelie S., New York NY

What People Are Saying

Grow closer to God, achieve more, and live fuller. Enter your info below to download the first week FREE.

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