Forholy exists to help you achieve your dreams while glorifying



"I didn't know I could be a Christian and be a creative." I read that one day in the comment section of a gospel music artist's Youtube channel. We all have God-given talents, skills, and ideas. Forholy exists to help Christians like you use what God has given you to do great things.



One day in her room, a young woman had an idea to create a guided-journal to encourage friends and family to step into their purpose. She started a blog to promote it. But she didn’t want the book or blog to be a “Christian thing.” She feared she would lose her readers. The moment she took God out of her plans, they went downhill. So she changed the name of her blog to Forholy to step into the original vision God gave her. From that blog, she built a brand that encourages people to achieve their dreams while glorifying God.